The Angry Citizen interviews Tiffany of Health Choice Maine

Our own Tiffany Kreck relates her personal story and how it evolved to her becoming a founder of Health Choice Maine.

This is personal, folks. As it is for all those who’ve suffered ill effects — and have seen their children suffer ill effects — only to be mocked and castigated for demanding informed consent. But it’s a good story. Because it’s a story about transforming and focusing the energy of tragedy towards hope, and action, and service.

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  1. Christine Mild

    I am a physical therapist who lost / fired from my job because I could not get a physician in Maine to sign a medical waiver for anything other than vaccine reactions. I have been offered a job and would love to get back to my profession of 29 years, but I need a signed vaccine waiver. I continue to pray that something will happen to help us.

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