It’s easy to feel alone when you’re a health freedom advocate in a state like Maine. So we work to connect our members in real life, as well as online. Our community-building initiatives include:

  • Organizing a two-day annual retreat featuring nationally recognized speakers. This in-person event gives our members a chance to learn, ask questions, form connections, share frustrations, and celebrate accomplishments.
  • Hosting regional informal gatherings like coffee chats, family picnics, and taco nights, where members can gather to talk, get to know each other, and share resources.
  • Organizing special demonstrations, curated to bypass censorship by taking important information directly to the people in an attention grabbing manner.
  • Sponsoring movie nights where members can gather to view a relevant film and then discuss their thoughts on the topic.
  • Facilitating group meetings between members and their local state senators and representatives.
  • Holding classes where members can gain vital knowledge on topics like firearms safety, growing medicinal herbs, constitutional rights, and effective local activism.
  • Sponsoring speaking engagements with local and nationally known freedom advocates.
  • Supporting local freedom-supporting businesses by promoting their services and partnering with them on various events and giveaways.


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Photo Gallery

Annual Retreat

Hometown Heroes

2024 Freedom Weekend

This year we have teamed up with The Angry Citizen’s 3rd Annual Freedom Rally to bring you the biggest, most informative event of the year! This 3-day event is hosted on a beautiful waterfront property…

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A Holiday Hope

Help us create a little hope for a family currently torn apart, and the Father desperately giving his all to put the pieces back together.
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In the shadow of the State House

The CHD Bus in Maine!

Thank you to all who came out to Augusta, Monday September 25, to spend the day with us supporting the injured and raising awareness! It was a beautiful day in Capitol Park, Augusta as we…

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HCM Newsletter February 2023

The website rebuild is live!! Go check it out at: With the new site, we will be able to bring you more up to date information, developments, opportunities, and more!! Over the coming months, make…

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HCM Newsletter December 2022

Lawsuit Filed. We Did It!With great pride and excitement, I’m now able to announce that on Tuesday, December 13, we filed a complaint against Maine Emergency Medical Services (EMS) with the Kennebec County Superior Court on behalf of…

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Jeff Donahue

Jeff Donahue is this months Hometown Hero. In late 2020 Jeff Donahue was going about his normal routine. He loaded up his families garbage and headed to the town transfer station to dispose of it….

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