LD 51: Work Session and Next Steps

Congratulations to everyone who showed up to attend the rally and testify for LD 51! The testimony went on for 12 hours and 17 minutes and over 300 people gave testimony in favor of the bill. That’s amazing! The next step is the work session.

The committee work session will be held: Monday, April 10

That is less than a week from now. We need your help.

Action Step #1: Research/Statistics Help

We need studies, statistics, or other verified sources for:

  • The harm that happens when you exclude students from school 
  • How mandates don’t increase overall immunization rates – they just exclude the unvaccinated kids from the count 
  • Statistics on unvaccinated outbreaks vs vaccinated outbreaks 
  • Court cases that show religious rights aren’t subject to official religions
  • Closings of hospital units, nursing homes, or other healthcare services has Maine lost since the mandate.

Email any information you find to info@healthchoicemaine.org with the subject line “Work Session Research”.

Action Step #2: Submit Written Testimony (If You Haven’t Already Done So)

There is still time! If you, or your spouse, children, friend, etc., wish to submit written testimony, you can still do so. It must be submitted before the start of the work session (and the sooner the better).

  1. Read our Legislative Guide for tips on how to format your testimony and suggested talking points
  2. Type up your testimony and have someone review it for typos. Your written testimony should be less than one page long.
  3. Go to https://www.mainelegislature.org/testimony/
  4. Select Public Hearing > Education & Cultural Affairs Committee > April 3, 2023 > LD51 (watch this Testimony Instructional video if you’d like to be walked through the process)
  5. Either copy and paste or upload your testimony document
  6. Fill out your name and contact information.
  7. Check the “I am not a robot” box then click “Submit.”

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