LD 51 Testimony Videos Posted on BitChute

We had some amazing people testifying on behalf of medical freedom during the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee meeting for the LD 51 bill. We’ve started a new BitChute channel where we can post the individual testimonies. Thank you to our volunteers who have helped with editing the 12 hours of video! We have posted the following testimonies so far:

  • Kim Rosenberg, Attorney for Children’s Health Defense and Author
  • Eleven-year-old Maine Student
  • Tiffany Krek, Director of Health Choice Maine
  • Dr. Mark Brody
  • Dr. Meryl Nass
  • Brian Festa, Attorney and Co-Founder of We the Patriots USA

Please head over to the Health Choice Maine BitChute channel to view these videos. Remember to like and subscribe to the channel to be notified as we post more content!

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