HCM Newsletter February 2023

The website rebuild is live!!

Go check it out at:  Healthchoicemaine.org

With the new site, we will be able to bring you more up to date information, developments, opportunities, and more!! Over the coming months, make sure you check in periodically, as we will be working to put up valuable data, events, resources and fundraisers!

First Responder Suit

The State has responded to our complaint! Our Attorney is drafting our next motion as we speak, and as soon as it is filed we will upload the State’s response and our latest motion to the website for everyone to read.

You can read more about the Lawsuit, or donate to support the efforts.

Legislative Update

The Committee Hearing for LD 51 has not yet been scheduled, if you have not yet drafted your testimony, now is a good time to do it! As soon as a Hearing is scheduled, we will update you on rally details for that day! Below is a copy of our Legislative Guide for LD 51, with information on the Committee, how to testify, and talking points. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out, and don’t forget! Once you have drafted your testimony, send us a copy to 2023Testimony@gmail.com

Call for Volunteer Activists

We are looking for volunteers in the Southern Maine area, and in the Bangor area to participate in a few demonstrations! 

If you are interested in activism, reach out and let us know!

Nothing we do would be possible without the support of people just like you, all across Maine. 

We are seeing a historical moment right now, where there are more people than ever paying attention, more people than ever coming to fight with us, and more people than ever asking questions. There are also more people than ever needing help. 

Pieces of the puzzle are coming together, not only across the US but also right here in Maine.

The CDC has had to launch a “safety review”, FOIA obtained documents now show the strong-armed push to approve the covid vaccines, and around the world we’re seeing mandates pulled back.

But now is NOT the time to become complacent! We are in a historical moment, and we need to keep seizing it and building the momentum!

But we cannot do this without you. 

We cannot do the work we do, without the volunteers helping us, and the financial support of everyone. 

The harder they push, the stronger we fight. 

Support that fight today.

Remember our last e-mail?

In our last impromptu e-mail, we came to you asking for help for an opportunity to advertise in a way we never had before, and boy did you do it! Because of your support, we have already run one ad, purchased a full-page spotlight ad, and we will be able to run one more ad in two weeks! 

Thank YOU! For making this possible!

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