Evening News: Vaccine Manufacturers Are Exempt From Liability!

We got them to actually say it on the evening news: Vaccines are exempt from liability! That’s nothing short of amazing. And it’s clear evidence that Health Choice Maine’s work has changed the conversation in Maine.

News Center Maine reported that “medical freedom activists” have set up banners in all 50 states today that read: “COVID-19 VACCINE MANUFACTURERS ARE EXEMPT FROM LIABILITY.” Health Choice Maine led the effort in Maine to raise awareness about COVID-19 vaccine risks and the lack of manufacturer liability. For this, we were recognized as “medical freedom activists.” Right. A badge of honor.

Our own Tiffany Kreck and Natasha Suleiman were on hand to be interviewed.

There is no liability, no after-market surveillance system, and no vaccine-injury court set up for this vaccine.
Tiffany Kreck, November 29, 2020
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