WVII Fox Bangor covers protest in Brewer of COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

On Sunday, Health Choice Maine members put up signs in Brewer and Portland, Maine alerting folks that COVID-19 vaccine manufactures are exempt from liability.

Health Choice Maine’s Co-Founder, Tiffany Kreck, provided background and context to WVII Fox Bangor’s News Director, Susan Farley, noting that Health Choice Maine was participating in a global demonstration.

What the average person doesn’t know is that 1986’s National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act removed liability from manufacturers for other vaccines and sets up the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to pay out for vaccine injuries.

“You can’t sue Pfizer if you get hurt by one of their vaccines, you can petition the vaccine injury compensation court. So you do have an avenue of recourse. The COVID-19 vaccine is going to be much different,” Kreck said.

She said this vaccine will fall under the public readiness and emergency preparedness act which, according to the federal Department of Health and Human Service’s website, provides manufacturers immunity from lawsuits related to injuries caused by vaccines.

“There is no vaccine injury court, there is no avenue of recourse if the shot becomes detrimental to anybody or many people’s health,” she says.

It should be everyone’s own choice whether or not they should take the vaccine, not something that should be left up to their employer, the pharmaceutical companies, or the government.

Health Choice Maine’s motto is that it should absolutely be an individuals choice, and we’ll will fight for your choice to be allowed to take a vaccine just as much as we’ll fight for the next person’s choice if they don’t want to.

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