What Happened to Hurley?

Maine EMS Director Sam Hurley

As we just announced, Health Choice Maine hand-delivered our brief to the State Supreme Court on behalf of terminated first responders. This happened on October 3, 2023. Fast-forward just three days to October 6, 2023, and Maine EMS Board Director Sam Hurley quietly handed in his resignation.

It took almost a week for the news of it to even make it to us as a rumor. As with everything we hear, we started quietly working to verify the information. Which we were able to do, however, we were only able to verify that he resigned.

Even as of today, two weeks later, we have still not been able to verify why or obtain a copy of the resignation letter. In fact, this has been done so quietly, that allegedly Dept. Chiefs around Maine have been contacted personally and offered the opportunity to apply for the position. Allegedly, of course.

As of today, October 21, 2023, Sam Hurley is still listed as Director on the Maine EMS website. The following screenshot was taken today, and as you can see, he is still listed at the bottom. But this begs the question, what happened?

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