The Word is Spreading About the Maine EMS Lawsuit!

Just a few days ago we told you about HCM’s appearance on the Ray Richardson radio show to talk about our Maine EMS Lawsuit. Well, now we’ve been featured on a second show!

The story of how this came about is a cool one. A listener of the Ray Richardson show couldn’t believe that no other news station was covering such an important lawsuit. We don’t know who this listener was, so we’ll call him Awesome Guy.

Awesome Guy also listens to the George Hale & Ric Tyler radio show on WVOM and they have a segment called “What Tees You Off?” So Awesome Guy calls in and asks “Why haven’t you mentioned anything about the Health Choice Maine lawsuit on behalf of the terminated first responders against the Maine EMS board? It seems like it’s a big story and no one is covering it.” You can listen to his call-in message at about the 8-minute mark here.

Well, George and Ric were intrigued, reached out to our Director, Tiffany Krek, and invited her on the show. She joined them on Tuesday, March 7th.

Listen to the segment with Tiff here:

So, we’ve got to ask: What news or television station do you listen to? Can you ask them to cover the lawsuit? Let us know if you do!

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