The Summer Walk-a-Thon: Be a Walker or a Sponsor!

Pick your date! In August, there will be a month-long walk-a-thon. Rain or Shine we will walk for Medical Freedom, raise SO much money, and it will be SO EASY. At the bottom, I will also explain the math behind it all, and how easily we can raise $30,000 in 30 days.

To SPONSOR to a walker:

  1. Go to our Walk-a-Thon page
  2. Select the walker you wish to sponsor from the list
  3. Click on their image 
  4. Click the blue donate button on the upper right and submit the total amount you wish to give (for example, if you want to sponsor them for $10/mile and they will be walking 5 miles, submit $50)

To sign up to be a WALKER:

  1. Go to our Walk-a-Thon page
  2. Click the “Fundraise” button.
  3. Create your profile – be sure to mention the date you are walking and how many miles you will walk
  4. Tell friends and family about the event and ask them to pledge any amount per mile
  5. Complete your walk
  6. Share the link to your profile with friends and family, tell them how far you walked, and ask them to submit their donation (cash or check donations can also be accepted)  

Thousands of Mainers have become displaced since the pandemic, losing their jobs due to refusing this jab, even though it has been proven on repeat that the jabs do not prevent colonization or prevent passing the virus to someone else. VAERS has shown (as well as tens of thousands of doctors and scientists throughout the world), repeatedly, that this jab is dangerous, yet still it is being forced upon us. Maine families have lost their livelihoods, jobs, and houses. Families have been split apart, people have become injured from these jabs, and loved ones have died from them.

Enough is enough! My name is Moriah Estes, the Volunteer Coordinator here at Health Choice Maine, and I will personally be walking on Thursday July 27th rain or shine until I drop! I will be starting in Old Orchard Beach, and will attempt to make it to where I work, which is about 20 miles (I REALLY want to see these lawsuits succeed!!)

More often than not, some situations aren’t taken seriously until a lawsuit is brought forward. I support the legal team at Health Choice Maine, and I support the upcoming lawsuits, hopefully you do too. If you like us here at Health Choice Maine, if you like what we do, and what we stand for, then please donate to this pledge walk! I and everyone else walking will do all of the work, we just need you to donate  (and you can watch our live updates along the way!)

For those of you who are not aware of Health Choice Maine and what we do, this next part is for you. We’re working hard on multiple lawsuits, a few of which could be massive, and one has SCOTUS potential. We are also the only organization in Maine that actively supports families and individuals directly via advocacy, resources, professional networks and legal support through our own team of lawyers.  We are partnered with Children’s Health Defense and the amazing Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and his team. In regards to our EMS lawsuit, on 5/25/23 a Judge in the First Circuit Court of Appeals agreed that the terminated Healthcare Workers of Maine had the basis for a claim, and that their First Amendment rights had been violated by the State. 

We have traction, we have the lawsuits, we have the lawyers. We just need you! Please consider walking or donating for freedom!

Ready for the math? This is basic, but it shows how easily it can be done.

Here’s how we can make $30,000:

120 people walking @ $10/mile for 5 miles, with 5 donors each (each walker raises $250)
60 people walking @ $10/mile for 5 miles, with 10 donors each (each walker raises $500)
40 people walking @ $10/mile for 5 miles, with 15 donors each (each walker raises $750)
30 people walking @ $10/mile for 5 miles, with 20 donors each (each walker raises $1000)
24 people walking @ $10/mile for 5 miles, with 25 donors each (each walker raises $1250)
20 people walking @ $10/mile for 5 miles, with 30 donors  each (each walker raises $1500)

I TOTALLY understand donors may give less than $10 a mile, and some of us may not be able to walk 5 miles, but some will give more and many will walk more. It’s all okay, because we are happy with anything anyone wants to give. It all evens out in the end, and I’ll see you there!

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