The Epoch Times covers New England Truckers and National Convoy

Health Choice Maine’s Tiffany Kreck is featured in a recent article in the The Epoch Times titled “New England Truckers Hit the Road to Join the National Convoy.

A convoy of New England truckers was met with cheers from crowded overpasses stretching from Maine to Connecticut as they kicked off the Northeast trek of a national truck convoy headed to the Washington D.C. area to protest against COVID-19 mandates and other government directives.

The Northeast convoy began its journey at 7 a.m. on Mar. 2, from Hermon, Maine, a small town in the dead center of the state known for its skiing, fishing, hiking, and camping.

The truckers stopped for a rally at a seasonal roadside motel that abuts a truck stop off I-95 in Kennebunk where a large crowd carrying American flags and bearing signs like “Medical Choice, Medical Freedom” and  “Honk 4 Freedom” awaited them.

The crowd was a mix of both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

Many speakers addressed the crowd including Maine doctor Dr. Meryl Nass, who had her license suspended by the state for prescribing alternative treatments to the COVID vaccine.

Asked why she chose to participate in the truck convoy, Nass told The Epoch Times it was because she was concerned America was “fighting another battle of 1776.”

“This is about maintaining our way of life, continuing constitution law in the United States, and improving our institutions.”

Tiffany Kreck, a co-founder of Freedom Choice Maine that organized the Maine convoy, told The Epoch Times that the state has been especially hit hard by government regulations on logging, fishing, and trucking industries.

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