In the shadow of the State House

The CHD Bus in Maine!

Thank you to all who came out to Augusta, Monday September 25, to spend the day with us supporting the injured and raising awareness!

It was a beautiful day in Capitol Park, Augusta as we listened to speakers such as Dr. Paul Thomas share their experiences. Families came together and kids painted pumpkins and played. Old friends reconnected, and new friends were made. All while Polly and her team collected heart-wrenching stories from Mainers.

In the shadow of our State House, and just up the road from Blane House, people from across Maine came to share their heartbreaking stories. Stories of grief, of pain and loss, of careers destroyed and of families devastated by mandates and injury.

The bus is still in the first leg of its tour but as they left Augusta, the bus already boasted 535 signatures. You can follow Polly and her team here, as they tour the country giving an important platform to the victims left behind in pursuit of profit.

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