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We at Health Choice Maine would like to thank you for your service and dedication in this fight. Whether you are vaccinated or not should never matter. At Health Choice Maine we believe that your medical choices should always be made and kept private. That the choice to decide what medical products, treatments, and procedures should never become a condition of employment.

At Health Choice Maine we work hard to educate and provide educational materials to help you educate your communities. We also have a team of affective advocates that are always ready to support you in your personal fights, and we provide advocacy training multiple times each year so that anyone can learn how to advocate within their own communities. We have built important legislative relationships, and we provide guidance each session for our members. And for those who have that spark in them to teach in the streets? We work exclusively with the best activism team in the country to form loud, attention-grabbing campaigns that spark curiosity and attention.

Regardless of how this issue touches you personally, we are the organization that has the experience, resources, and drive to push back against this egregious overreach of power. This is a fight that Health Choice Maine is passionate about, and that is why we have been on the frontlines of this fight for years now. Please consider supporting us as we continue to work tirelessly to restore medical freedom in Maine. You can get involved, stay updated, and donate right here at http//

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