Temporary Tattoos

Order temporary tattoos for your children to wear on school vaccine clinic days.

The tattoos come in sets of two and say “My Parents Do Not Consent – Do Not Vaccinate”. Put one tattoo on each arm. The suggested donation is $5 per set.

How to Order:

  1. Go to our Donation Page
  2. Make a donation to the General Fund.
  3. Select the “Other” amount and put in the total amount for the number of sets you want.
  4. Enter an amount where it says “$ Other”.
  5. Click “+ Add a message” and add a note that indicates 1) how many sets you want and 2) what your mailing address is.

If you can’t afford a donation at this time, that’s OK too. We’ve got you. Simply email your mailing address, along with the number of sets you would like, to info@healthchoicemaine.org.

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