School Vaccine Requirements

Maine Vaccine Exemption Law Change 2021 repealed religious an philosophical exemptions from the laws governing immunization requirements. Medical exemptions can be sought from a patient’s primary care provider.

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LD 51 Testimony Videos Posted on BitChute We had some amazing people testifying on behalf of medical freedom during the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee meeting for the LD 51 bill. We’ve started a new BitChute channel where we can post…

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LD 51: Work Session and Next Steps

Congratulations to everyone who showed up to attend the rally and testify for LD 51! The testimony went on for 12 hours and 17 minutes and over 300 people gave testimony in favor of the…

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A Safer “Catch Up” Schedule

Forced to consider a catch up schedule? Are you being told that your child needs a whole series of shots to get caught up for school? Get the first in the series and then have…

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