Parental Rights

Health Choice Maine has been diligently leading the movement in Maine, to restore medical freedom and informed consent. However, over the last few years as we have worked with families, we have noticed a growing problem in Maine. The undermining of parents from school districts, bureaucratic agencies, and the State.

There has always been some overlap between medical freedom and parental rights, especially as the pharmaceutical industry has increasingly begun lobbying to gain access to children without parents in the way. It has only been in the past few years however, that this has developed into a full-fledged assault on parental rights. And Maine, of course, is already further along in this than we had anticipated.

So, it is because of this that the leadership team at Health Choice Maine made the decision to launch Parents’ Rights Maine. PRM will serve as a sister organization charged with the protection of parental rights.

Please take a moment to check out their new website and sign up for their emails.

We hope that you will help us welcome Parents’ Rights Maine and help us ensure the success of both organizations so that together, we can ensure the protection of Mainers across the State.

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