Legal Efforts

In addition to our legislative efforts, we also work to challenge existing laws and mandates through the judicial system. In 2022, we achieved our goal of having an attorney on retainer to provide legal guidance and to help identify potential options for legal action. Some of our initiatives include:

  • December 2022: We filed a complaint against Maine Emergency Medical Services (EMS). The lawsuit alleges that Maine EMS did not have the statutory authority to implement a vaccine mandate and that it violated its primary purpose as an agency by implementing a mandate that increased staffing shortages, thereby endangering citizens across the state.
  • September 2021: Health Choice Maine joined the Alliance Against Healthcare Mandates and collaborated with them to file a complaint for declaratory or injunctive relief of the emergency rule mandating the COVID-19 vaccinations for healthcare workers. This suit was unsuccessful. However, it resulted in the Maine DHHS reversing their attempt to change the definition of “Designated Healthcare Facility” to include Emergency Medical Services Organizations.

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Our legal efforts depend on your support — amplified by our frugality — to make this work possible.


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Standing before the Supreme

Oral arguments for the Maine State Supreme Court On February 6, 2024 the Health Choice Maine leadership and lead attorney accompanied several of the first responders from our case to the Supreme…

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A moment we have been waiting for!

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From Superior to Supreme

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No Suprise from the Superior

Superior Court ruling is as expected. On July 13, 2023 Superior Court Judge Michaela Murphy issued her decision in our case against Maine EMS. Her decision itself was not surprising. We are…

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Health Choice Maine on the Radio Again

Health Choice Maine director Tiffany Krek appeared again on the George Hale & Ric Tyler radio show on WVOM this week. She got the opportunity to talk about HCM’s mission, our lawsuit against Maine…

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