Photo Gallery

Health Choice Maine is more than an image can convey … but here are a few, and each really is worth more than a thousand words.

Fall Retreat 2022


Held on September 17th and 18th, with special guests Dr. Carrie Madej, Jennifer Margulis, Kim Mack Rosenberg and more. We benefitted from the best experts, advocates, and activists.

Fall Retreat 2020

A fun weekend of learning, leadership, and support.

Truckers Convoy 2022

Health Choice Maine was proud to work with The Peoples Convoy to organize Maine’s participation. This huge undertaking was only possible because of our dedicated volunteers! We’re grateful to have been able to support the Truckers who carried freedom from Downeast to DC.

Public Education

HCM members diligently spreading the word, with good cheer.

Coffee Meet-Ups

Community meet-ups throughout the state. There is nothing like in-person connection. It’s sometimes lonely being a freedom advocate. We work to connect neighbors and help our members build real-life friendships.


Health Choice Maine has held multiple rallies throughout the state of Maine.

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