Children’s Health Defense features Health Choice Maine

Health Care Maine, a partner of Children’s Health Defense – New England Chapter, was highlighted for playing a role in mobilizing grassroots CHD chapters across the country.

Tiffany Kreck, beginning at 10:40 in this edition of Good Morning CHD, articulates the impetus for Health Choice Maine, and a bit of its long history fighting for medical freedom, beginning well before COVID-19 appeared on the scene.

She opened by swatting away the “anti-vaxxer” label, framing the conversation in terms of government overreach, which concerns all citizens.

It’s a point of reference that delivers unexpected allies, even if not at first. For example, health care workers who’ve historically opposed Health Choice Maine’s work — some of whom actually used the “anti-vaxxer” label — now find themselves branded with the same pejorative for questioning or objecting to the COVID-19 vaccine. Suddenly, the removal of non-medical exemptions, and the simplistic way that medical exemptions are denied, matter very much.

The one thing I hear the most is: “Oh, I could never do what you do.” Yes, you can! Because I did. So I know you can do it. No matter what state you live in, find your organization, find your people, get involved. We need everybody. We’re not going to win with anything less than everybody.
Tiffany Kreck

Grassroots engagement is the key. Kreck lays out, “We have all the tools, we have the studies, we have the truth. And we stand on a mountain that matters. We fight so that hopefully our children won’t have to, someday. But we need everybody.”

Click here to watch the video.

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