Individual Advocacy

We are the only medical freedom organization in Maine that offers personal advocacy, and we are the only organization with retained practicing attorneys able to assist our clients as needed. We offer both individual advocacy and emergency assistance. Advocacy services are completely confidential. We can help with any medical or healthcare rights issue, including ones concerning:

  • School immunization policies
  • School IEP (special needs) policies
  • Employer immunization policies
  • Hospital or doctor immunization policies
  • Vaccine choices during pregnancy, labor, and delivery
  • Vaccine choices during pediatric appointments
  • Patients’ right to request or refuse healthcare treatments
  • Medical and religious immunization exemptions
  • Immunization issues during divorce proceedings

Obviously we can make no guarantees of outcome. But no one should have to navigate such detailed and complicated situations on their own. With us, you won’t have to. To get started, reach out to us at or leave a message at (207) 801-0227.

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