Your support — amplified by our frugality — uniquely enables our work to continue. No amount is too small.

Donations to Health Choice Maine are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Health Choice Maine, a member of the Health Choice affiliate network, is a subordinate of American Citizens for Health Choice, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN 45-4477022).

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Heath Choice Maine and You

Because of your generous donations, we’re able to continue offering the services, advocacy, activism, and education that we’ve become known for.

Three moms — all touched in some way by injury — founded HCM in 2019 with a long-term goal of providing advocacy, support, and community for other families just like ours. Since then, we’ve grown from a small group of people to become the premier organization fighting for medical freedom in Maine. Utilizing our network of resources, our detailed understanding of vaccine science and law, and our unique approach to advocacy, we have helped thousands of families and protected countless more.

We have grown, when others said we would go nowhere. We have achieved what others said would be impossible. We have held our own, even as others moved on.

Among many achievements, in just a few short years we have:

  • Assisted Maine families annually as they navigate Maine vaccine law, explore options for opting out, and defend their rights during school enrollment.
  • Assisted countless Maine families dealing with bullish Pediatricians, including Pediatricians that violate informed consent, or threaten families with CPS.
  • Assisted families and hospitalized patients navigate options, informed consent, and ensure their rights are respected.
  • Enabled more than 5,000 employees and students across America to keep their careers and courses with our religious exemption services.
  • Stopped mandates before they were even put into effect.
  • Helped countless families transition to homeschool.
  • Provided bi-annual online conferences to provide support.
  • Sponsored end of year reviews for financially struggling homeschool families.
  • Provided legal assistance to families as needed, that wouldn’t have had access otherwise.
  • Sued DHHS on behalf of Healthcare Workers across Maine.
  • Sued Maine EMS on behalf of terminated First Responders across Maine.
  • Assisted families of infants who died within hours of vaccination secure evidence, additional testing, and pursue legal options.
  • Built a network of support across Maine.
  • Launched a sister organization in Maine to defend against this broader attack on parental rights we are now seeing.

Now, we have reached a point where we can win, but only if all of us give this our all. No amount is too big or too small.

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