LD 227 is 21 pages of shock and garbage.

Originally submitted as a bill simply titled “An Act Regarding Healthcare in the State”, LD 227 was a concept draft, meaning it had no available language. That is until March 1st when language was finally made available late on a Friday afternoon, only four days before the bill was scheduled to be heard in Committee. The bill was heard in Committee on March 5, and even with the lack of notice, the oppositional turnout was impressive.

  • This bill does a myriad of things, some have even called it a “totalitarian.” One of the main issues we have with this bill is that it would allow for everyone- including all minors of any age– to consent to anything that is classified as reproductive health, access to abortions without restriction, and access to anything classified as gender care, without parental knowledge or consent. We at Health Choice Maine believe in the value and the power of parental involvement and oppose minor consent on any medical decision.
  • The other thing we oppose about this bill is the fact that the language is so broad, that it leaves the door open for the definitions to expanded to include any other form of medical care, including vaccine requirements.
  • Take action now by emailing your Representative and telling them to vote no LD227, this is a massive overreach into our rights as parents and its a predatory bill when it comes to our children.

You can download and share our full legislative guide for LD 227 below.

Not sure what to say to committee members? Not to worry, our friends over at Stand for Health Freedom have made it super easy for everyone’s voice to be heard right here!

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