A Holiday Hope

Help us give hope for the holidays to a family that has been shattered.
This Holiday Season we are sponsoring a father with seven minor children in Maine that has been fighting tooth and nail to get custody of his children from the State.
When the children were taken, the father was the non-custodial parent. As the family as moved through the system, he has not been allowed to take custody because of the size of his apartment.
So, he has worked tirelessly and has now secured a home in Lewiston DHHS has approved of for the size of his family. The only problem is the final hoop. The home must be furnished and stocked before DHHS will allow the children to come home.
He is so close, and yet so far away.
On his own, with the determination we have seen from him, I have no doubt he would work around the clock for the next two months and piece each room together as quickly as he could on his own. But our community creates miracles, so maybe we can create one here, and help him pull this off in time for his children to have a new, safe, loving home for the holidays.
Here is how you can help: For anyone that can and would just like to donate a little bit of money, we have set up this special link. Everything donated through this link will be used to buy clothes for the kids, bedding, kitchenware, food, and necessities. All money donated is tax deductible.
If we can help this father pull this off, the HCM leadership has pledged that once the home is furnished, we will take Dad on a $300 grocery shopping trip paid for by HCM leadership.
I know we don’t have much time- but I believe in our community. We have done so many things that were harder than this, so I believe we can pull this off.
This father literally needs to furnish a home from ground up. If you have any furniture that you are getting rid of, or kitchenware, linens, dishes, or literally anything needed in a home, please consider donating it to this family.
We will keep track of anything donated, and the donor will receive a tax-deductible donation letter for any money donated, and the monetary value of the donated item.
That means that if you donate a couch you were going to sell for $200, you will get a donation letter for that $200 item that you can use as a write off on your taxes this year.
Items Needed:
Couch and/or Loveseat
Coffee Table
Kitchen Table and Chairs
Twin size beds or bunk beds
Cleaning Supplies
Pots and Pans
Clothes and Shoes for kids- ages 10-17
Plants because I’m a gardener and believe all homes need a plant or 2….or 10 🙂
We have HCM volunteers that are ready to pick-up larger items as needed.
You can reach out to our Campaign Coordinator to set up a time to drop off or have your items picked up:
Michelle Tucker 207-212-8139
To each and every one of you, we are deeply grateful for you. HCM leadership is in meetings with State Leaders all over the country every month and believe me when I say- we have the best community in the world. We brag about it- often. So please know we are grateful for you all, we couldn’t do anything without each of you. And because of you, we are able to move mountains. Let’s move one more.

You can follow updates on donations as they come in here!

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