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Health Choice Maine is leading the way to restore and maintain freedom of medical choice for all Mainers through advocacy, education and community.

Health Choice Maine is a nonprofit focused on maintaining freedom of medical choice and fully informed consent for all Mainers through advocacy and education.

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Bill LD 51: Overview and Updates

UPDATE MAY 9: The committee issued a divided report, with the majority report recommending “ought not to pass.” Both chambers accepted the majority “ought not to pass” recommendation and the bill failed. UPDATE…

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Updates on Maine EMS Lawsuit

The following documents have been filed in our lawsuit against the Maine EMS Board. Please see our previous post for background on this suit, our references post for statistics and sources. In this…

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Will you fight with us?

The time has come to volunteer, participate, engage, and donate. Do any, or all, a little, or a lot. It all culminates to create the fight for our rights that they never expected.



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HCM Advocacy ~ Support

Learn more about our legal and legislative efforts, our initiatives to raise awareness, and our parental support and individual advocacy. You’ll also find a well-stocked cache of handouts and links in our Resource Center.


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Individual Advocacy

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Parental Support

HCM Community ~ Activism

From its inception, Health Choice Maine has been building supportive communities. Join us today to help us strengthen that community. We can help support and empower you in your fight for freedom. We offer annual advocacy training, unique and engaging activism, and conduct regular community meetings. Whatever your interests, talents, or circumstances, we believe that everyone has a purpose in this fight. Find yours today!




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Heath Choice Maine and You

Because of your generous donations, we’re able to continue offering the services, advocacy, activism, and education that we’ve become known for.

Three moms — all touched in some way by injury — founded HCM in 2019 with a long-term goal of providing advocacy, support, and community for other families just like ours. Since then, we’ve grown from a small group of people to become the premier organization fighting for medical freedom in Maine.

Among many achievements, in just a few short years we have:

  • Assisted countless Maine families with everything from bullish pediatricians to active reactions
  • Enabled more than 3,000 employees and students across America to keep their careers and courses because of our exemption services.
  • Stopped mandates before they could become issues
  • Built a network of support across Maine

We need your help to continue our work. No amount is too small.


Please consider a one-time or monthly donation. Your support — amplified by our frugality — pays for legal, activism, and operation costs.

Together, we can do this.

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