With the legislature out of session and little to no chance of being recalled this year, an attempt is being made by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services to quietly propose a rule change that will add the flu shot to the required schedule for all healthcare workers. Additionally, Maine Health and other Maine hospitals are also mandating all employees, including those who never have any patient contact or who work remotely from their homes, to get the flu vaccine or face termination.

This is being done quietly and around any governmental body. The people requesting this rule change are not elected leaders, they are not interested in your opinion. They are a small group of people who decided they alone have the right to make decisions about your health.

LD798 does not go into affect for another year and until then all vaccine exemptions are available to Mainers. Sadly, we are already receiving reports that religious and medical exemptions are being vetted and denied at hospitals throughout Maine.

This mandate forces workers and their families into precarious positions: explain and defend your deeply held beliefs to a deciding body, quietly consent to government coercion of injection, or risk a job that for most families in the industry, is keeping them afloat in 2020.

This is a gross overstep of any agency, governmental or not, and the beginning of a slippery slope of new vaccine mandates across Maine.

Tell your elected officials to stop this madness now!